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Campervan Hire Australia Britz Vehicle Options

2 Berth Hitop
Entry level campervan for hire, suitable for 2 adults.
2 Berth Venturer
The 2 Berth Venturer is designed for two people. This Campervan is fully optioned with kitchen incl microwave, toilet, shower with hot & cold water, TV & DVD player and double bed.
4 Berth Voyager
The 4 Berth Voyager is a spacious campervan that suits a family of 4 or 4 adults looking to travel on a budget. It includes kitchen, microwave, and 2 double beds.
4 Berth Explorer
The popular 4 Berth Explorer is fully optioned with kitchen, microwave, shower, toilet, hot & cold water & 2 double beds.
6 Berth Vista
The 6 Berth Vista is a well designed and spacious motorhome designed for 4 adults and up to 2 children. Fully optioned to travel with ease & comfort.
6 Berth Frontier
The 6 Berth Frontier is a well designed and spacious motorhome designed for 6 people. Fully optioned with loads of space.
Britz 5 Berth Outback 4WD
The 5 Berth Outback is a robust and powerful 4WD Campervan designed for 5 people. With a cleverly designed slide-out kitchen unit, large tent, awning , caged roof rack and a 4.5L V8 turbo diesel you will be King or Queen of the off-road.
Britz 5 Berth Safari Landcruiser 4WD
The 5 Berth Safari Landcruiser is a robust and powerful 4WD Campervan designed for 5 people. With a convenient roof-mounted tent and cleverly designed slide-out kitchen unit, awning and a 4.5L V8 turbo diesel you will be King or Queen of the off-road.
Apollo 2 Berth Adventure Camper 4WD

The compact Adventure Camper is perfect for those interested in a real outback adventure. Far roomier than similar vehicles, this 4WD campervan is ideal for thrill seeking couples. The extra fuel capacity means you can travel for longer without having to stop and the outdoor cooking facilities allows you to enjoy a dinner under the stars.

Apollo 2 Berth Trailfinder 4WD

The Trailfinder 4WD Camper is ideal for adventurous couples who want a compact vehicle with superior handling in rough terrain. Featuring a large slide-out kitchen and pop top roof for extra space and ventilation, this is effortless off-road touring at its best.

Ph:1300 305 505
within Australia
Ph: 0800 305 505
within New Zealand

Campervan Pricing*

*Important: To calculate pricing multiply the number of days x the price on day of pickup. Please note: Even if the price changes during the following week(s) the price remains the same per day as date of pickup.

Campervan Pricing

Campervan Pricing (continued)
Campervan Pricing

Price & Availability

For confirmation of price for your campervan hire, terms and conditions and to confirm availability please contact us using any of the following methods:

  • send us an email at carhire@self-drive.com or
  • call 1300 305 505 (within Australia) or 0800 305 505 (within New Zealand) or +61 1300 305 505 (rest of world)
  • or
*Please specify pick up drop off location & number of days hire.

NB: These prices are valid for Australian and New Zealand drivers licence holders only. International drivers should contact us for a quotation

For Campervan Hire Terms and Conditions Click Here

Choosing the Right Campervan

There are a number of options available for campervans you can hire in your trip around Australia. When choosing a campervan for hire, please keep in mind the number of family members, their specific needs, space and facility requirements.

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